Interpolating Values In The Volume Column

Hi, Is it possible to interpolate values in the volume column as it is in the effects column? when i try to highlight only the volume column it also highlights the note column. Im trying to do a smooth volume slide down but with the volume data showing on every line instead of using the various volume slide commands. any help much appreciated… nice one

yup, just type in the value, either side of the interval with nothing in between, then select, and press APPLE I…
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It’s simple: just enter the desired start volume in one line, the end volume in another line, select the note-column, ranging from the start volume, to the end (including the end line) and hit

  • CTRL+I for linear interpolation - CTRL+L for logarithmic interpolation

You can also right-click the selection and choose these options from the context menu

This works for any type of effect (but I guess you already know that) - so, if you had a 09xx command, the same thing would happen, but with the sample offset instead.

Edit: Moss beat me to it, but then I can correct him: it doesn’t really matter if there’s anything in between start / stop ;)

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thanks everyone for the quick replies but i want to use the volume column (directly to the right of the note data), not the effects column. any ideas? pressing control + I/control + L…nothing happens.

The selection needs to cover the part you want to interpolate, so you need to include the note-column in your selection.

Awsome!!! thanks. turns out I had volume box unchecked in the advanced edit panel so i guess thats why it wasnt working

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