Intro And Ingame Ambiental Songs

Hi guys

I was enjoying creating some lounge cosmic atmpspheric songs for new iOS game, so let me know what do you think about them.
They are very slow and non-distructable.

Here is Intro Music:

And InGame Music:

All comments will be helpful.


hey Nick !

  • lots of cool and great quality spaceship synthetic fx in your intro :) I like it. It’s nearly the same quality as the one you’ll find in old but good J.M.Jarre productions.
  • the electronic ambient “ingame track” has no drums, and it’s a wise decision, because drums globaly harm ingame sound fx
    question : what kind of game is it ?
  • first person shooter ?
  • shoot them up
  • platformer
  • adventure
  • rpg
  • casual

You are right. When I was kid I was inlove w/ JMJ Music :) I love Space-kind of music… Trance, Ambient, Lounge… Game type is classical logical game with playing cubes for iOS but has some really nice trippy background.

I would play for the music ;) very deep, good for space games :)