Introducing myself. It's been a long long (long) time

Hi guys, I’m Marco. Scener and composer in the 80’s, gigging musician in the 90’s and early 00’s and nowadays a working-in-IT dad and creator/maintainer of a Star Citizen related gaming community fansite.

If you’re as old as I am (in your fifties) my name might ring a bell. I am the creator of the C64 sequencer named Music-Assembler which was marketed and sold at the time by Markt+Technik, publisher of some German language C64 magazines.

I still play music (albeit on real guitars and basses) and recorded thusfar using Steinberg Cubase.

I just purchased a copy of Renoise and will start toying with it really soon.

Lately my daughter has been pushing me to make a return to tracker based music as she thinks it will bring out the best in my creativity. She had discovered some of my old eighties tracks lately after typing my name on youtube … so if new music appears from yours truly through Renoise you have her to thank for it…

Cheers, Marco

Oh and here’s some screenshots from the old sequencer software I coded myself with a friend. I borrowed the gif from CSDb…



Welcome back to tracking!! :space_invader::purple_heart::space_invader:


:wink: welcome


That’s so cool, my interest in Renoise started with Barry Leitch and 90s videogames! I had some classes with him and he mentioned that he used Renoise. Your daughter is really sweet being so supportive, glad you’re back, have fun, people are quite active here.