Introducing Myself

Hello to all,
my name is Gunnar Stahl and I come from germany. For a couple of years now I create music in my spare time, mainly for my wife who is a semi-professional singer and songwriter. She already has produces 3 CDs and the next is currently in the stage of being created.

Until now my tool of choice was apples “garageband”. I created most of the music of the last cd of my wife with garageband. But since this fine piece of bytes has some nasty limitations (no midi export, mac only) I am eagerly looking for a replacement. Especially a replacement with a good user base and one which runs on linux. In fact, garageband is currently the only reason why I haven’t switched back to linux yet.

Yesterday I found out about renoise and downloaded the demo version. It is pretty impressive, at least listening to the included demo songs. My first impressions let me consider switching over to renoise.

What especially fascinates me is looking at all these weird numbers scrolling down the main window like in matrix and knowing that sooner or later I will understand them and dive into their realm, conquering them…

So this post has two objectives: Saying hello to everyone and asking a question: Is it possible for someone who is pretty good at working with garageband to replace garageband with renoise? Maybe someone has some spare hints for me, especially for a possible transition time from gb to renoise.




I think it is totally possible. You might even find using Renoise far more easier than Garageband. It depends abit on what you want to do, but in general you can get almost everything done with renoise.

It’s impossible to estimate the transition time because that depends alot on what kind of things you are used to doing. Though it could be said that the software can be learnt within few weeks… Or maybe even few days if you have enough spare time to spend with it :)

Anyhow welcome abroad the forum and to testing renoise. :walkman:


Garageband and Renoise have two very different paradigms on what it means to sequence music. Renoise allows you much more control over your sequences but you have to put in the hours to understand what you are doing. Click here for the German version of Tracker on Wikipedia. The tracker is Renoise’s historical legacy, but like my friend said the other day (and I laughed) “Renoise is barely a tracker.”

PS: Sometimes I use Garageband in conjunction with Renoise. Nothing says you can’t use both?

welcome! i have not used garageband but i would put it like this. If you like to play a lot of “live” midi keyboard and record it etc then tracker is not your best choise (its doable but not very comfortable). What i mean is that the timing is not so precise as in some other piano roll type applications so its harder to record midi live and make grooves etc unless you set speed parameter to very low number (which causes some other problems).

But if you like more to “program” music and you are more into electronic music in general, then you should definately give renoise a chance.

I think you should check out the demo and see if it suits you and your syle of music.

Dont be afraid of those numbers :) there is really nothing difficult.

yeah i`d agree with weird energy there,when recording live sounds,sequencers are perhaps preferable,renoise is certainly more of a creative tool(imo)but nothing stops you from recording those live sounds in a sequencer and then transporting them into renoise,where you can do some cool stuff with them :P

Welcome to Renoise, gunnarstahl

You have made an excellent choice, that much I can tell you.

For live recording on linux, you want Ardour. But for making next radio hit or creating nice backing tracks for vocalist, Renoise is perfect.

Welcome to Renoise!

I’m sure you’ll find Renoise a useful tool in your music creation :)