Introducing myself...

As title says, just getting formalities out of the way, and introducing myself.


I’ve been using Renoise since about 2004, but just jumped back in after a two year hiatus. Mainly using this in conjunction with Ableton Live on Windows, and stand alone in Arch Linux.

You may see me in the noob section with a few Q’s as the program has changed a little bit, but I am rather resourceful and tend to try and figure out my issues with research and experiment before asking (so I won’t be too much of pain in that regard).

I am also a pretty good resource of information and am willing to contribute and help others as I do have experience as well as some education in audio production and have been making electronic music for about 15 years.

Here is some of my music (made on renoise- yes it’s on myspace, and yes some of these tunes are old). I mostly delve in Dnb, some Dubstep, and Trap music.

Hope to be more active in making music as well as on the boards.

See you guys around!