Introducing Occaisional Random Imperfections - Using LFOs?

Hi there, first post in quite a while…

I’d like to know if it’s possible to introduce occasional random imperfections to VSTs using LFOs to give my tracks those little niggling variations which IMO help the song feel a little more alive.

For example, I’d like to give a PAD synth an occasional, slight increase or decrease in pitchbend (imagine you are listening to a slightly warped record).

I can achieve kind of what I want by using a Sinewave LFO to subtly alter the pitch using a sine wave. The problem is this pitch alternation is continuous:


If I simply use a Random LFO, I get random pitches which are at equal staccato increments which doesn’t sound right at all.

What I’m looking for is something that will be more like:


So that mostly the VST is perfectly in tune, but at random moments, it momentarily moves out of tune and back again. This must be possible with an LFO (LFOs?) but I’m being stupid. Any advice would be much appreciated!


Here I made this real fast. Maybe it’ll help. Just map the hydra ‘Pitch Bend Out’ to an instrument automation device on track 2 that is set to control your VSTs pitch. Ignore the ring-mod synth I have on track 2, I just made it as an example to show off the pitch modulation.

Wow, thanks very much for the example. I’ll check it out this evening, appreciate it.


Redman, cheers for this. After playing around with your example I got what I was looking for thanks. Never realised you could go so crazy with LFOs all over the place. Now the task is to keep track of it all.