Introducing "Poiesis", my album using Renoise

Hi guys,

This is my first album published in Spotify (through CDBaby):

I “implemented” this album in 1997 using Impulse Tracker, but in 2014 I ported it to Renoise, fixed several bugs, filtered a lot the sound and used some instrument plugins.

I will be thankful if you take the time in listening into it.


Do you have a non-Spotify place we can listen?

Hi Neurogami, sorry for the very very late reply.

Here I uploaded two songs from poiesis and other one from a new project: Estigmata. Thanks for listening :slight_smile:

Expansión beautiful track, which reminds me of the dream about space, about fly into unexplored. Estigmata 1 sounds alive and inspiring. Emerger del caos makes thev atmosphere of fairy world like in jrpg. I like this enjoyable and kind album. This music creates the pictures of fantastic worlds in front of you.