Introduction to Digital Sound Design (Free Course)

Hey everyone,

I just found a new course on “Introduction to Digital Sound Design” given by the university of Emory ! This course will be completly free so get sure to enroll this is a good opportunity !

Here is a description of the course :

The Nature of Sound

Sound Waves
Six Perceptual Attributes of Auditory Events
Pitch, Loudness and Intensity, Timbre, Perceived Duration, Spatial Location, Reverberant Environment
Representing Sound in Electrical and Digital Domains, Digital Filters
Music perception and meaning
Music and Cognition, Motion and Sensation, Music and Emotion
Music, Language, Syntax
Music and the Environment
The Soundscape, Animal Sounds

Music Technology I

Microphones, Digital File Formats, Sampling
Spectral and Fourier Analysis, Analysis-Resynthesis
Ring and Amplitude Modulation, Mixing and Delays, Filters and Distortion
Time Stretching, Pitch Shifting, AutoTune, Spatialization

Music Technology II

Sound Synthesis
Wavetable, Frequency Modulation, Granular Synthesis
Physical Modeling

Music Technology III

Interaction and Networks
Laptop Ensembles, Mobile Music, Music Information Retrieval
Roles for Computers in Composition, Algorithmic Composition
Sonification, Data-Driven Composition
Sound and Film
Sound and Image, Sound and Narrative

Get more info right there :

Shit, spent 6 years at Uni for nothing :(

Seems good. I signed up.

I also signed up for the Sound Design class and Introduction to Music Production… Class for Intro to Music Prod started on the 14th. I’m sure I know some of the stuff but I like to keep learning.

Thanks for this

I’m taking two classes here…

Intro to Music Production

and SOund Design.

It’s going well. I like it…I’m learning

Well I gotta start somewhere, but anyways nothing hurts about learning. It only helps you gain :)

Ok… I’m learning a lot … I thought I knew the basics but apparently not lol.

I’m still taking both classes Intro to Music Production and Sound Design. The sound design is a little boring but I understand, it’s all about theory on synthesis for now…

Well I should ve did a course which is something like this and be happy in life instead of being a good for nothing engineer :smiley:

Has anyone actually gone through the corurseyet? What do you think if you have?