Invert Wet Signal On Cabinet Simulator

Inverting the wet signal on the Cabinet Simulator works really well when adding back dry signal to the mix, more often then not the combined phases mess up the sound and make it sound weak…

I figured it would be really handy to have this option on the device itself, a button next to the mono/stereo part, so I don’t have to make signal-inverting send tracks anymore.

Anyone use this trick? Who’s with me?

If I understood correctly what you meant, yes that sorta is a problem and inverting would be a nice option to the cab.sim. indeed, +1


Wow I tried this out and it works! I send all the dry signal to a send with the phase inverted, and then after the send use the wet on the cab-sim. Get some really honest wet-dry balance happening. Not sure why the cab-sim’s ‘wet’ would be inverted in the first place, maybe something to do with the IR processing. But at least for now there is a workaround.

The phase is not fully inverted, it’s just shifted by some amount. Each cabinet model has its own characteristics in terms of phase response, and you’re probably correct in guessing that it’s due to the different impulse responses that are used. On top of that, any adjustments to the EQ bands - especially the lower frequencies - will introduce some additional phase shifting as well. I’m not sure if there will be a golden rule that will work to ‘fix’ this in every possible instance, unfortunately.

Well the sound doesn’t have to be uber-fat all the time, the option to invert the phase just enriches the sounds you can get out of the device 2-fold, is how I see it. And if what you say works as well as it sounds, maybe adding a cheap phase shifter would be even more awesome (or overkill? dunno).