Inverted Pitching

why this pitching system in sample/vst editor is inverted?

like pitching up from C4 to C#4 renoise actually drop one halftone (to B3)…or have i missed some buttons in config menu? :D

you define the default note the sample has, not the one it shall play.

means, if you input b-3, then renoise assumes that the sample is b-3 so it shifts it up one halftone when you play c-4. its easy to adapt to, trust me.

ok, so just accept it as inverted pitch :)

oh, now i mayby got it…so it is a keyboard shifter, not a sample pitcher…
<_< um… :blink: …errrr… <_< …um… :blink: …errr <_<
that+s why those butten are allso horizontal, not a vertically

although quit confusing cos these trackers are based on sample pitching…but i think that i can live with this system :D