Invisionboard = Ikonboard ???

Compare the board here and the one over at ModPlug Central…

:huh: …weird huh?

This board is called Invision Board (IB), theirs is called Ikonboard… (IB).
<_< hmmm…

Now go check out invisionboards homepage:

Notice how the “V” in their logo is yellow and in 3D.
Ok, keep that in mind and go on over to ikonboards homepage:


…What do you make of this?

Ivision Board was created by some guys who used to work on ikon board. They brought in an outside company and soon found that they could no longer shape the project the way they wanted to do.

They left and started Invision and instead of working in perl they moved over to php.

Aha… that explains it… I thought I was about to reveal some big conspiracy here :)

While on the subject…

Sometimes this board freaks out on me. It looses almost all it graphics and looks suspicious in general. Sometimes it’s enough to just hit reload but this does not always work. Is it a problem at my location or does it have something to do with invisionboard?

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Never had any problems so far… but remember: no board/host/computer/program/script etc… is perfect… :P