Invitation To Beta Test A New Vst Plugin...

I would appreciate it if a few people would try out my new MIDI sequencer VST plugin. Please go to for the download. This first version is Windows only.

We would like it if you first buy renoise , become a regular forum member and then …we’ll see what happens …

Welcome to the forum sections of renoise. I would appreciate it if you spent some time here getting to know the community before trying to get free debugging services. Why don’t you sincerely become a part of the community And then… we’ll see what happens.

MIDI Sequencer plugin… Looking for beta testers on Renoise forum… Renoise does not send MIDI between plugins… Seems a bit counter productive and clear evidence he’s never tried using Renoise.

Uhhh…Why do some of you seem so offended by this? It sounds like polite, reasonable request, and its even posted in off-topic. Mandeldrum is just trying to ensure compatibility with a variety of DAWs (and I think its rather nice and smart to directly ask renoisers). No one is being forced to debug for anything; if you’re not interested in trying his VST zip your lip? I mean you guys sound like dicks, basically saying “You’re not one of us, and we don’t care until you are”. Do we really expect him to know the ins-and-outs of every DAW, before hes allowed to politely ask that DAWs community for input or help? While Renoise doesn’t natively send midi messages internally, there are plenty of workarounds with virtual midi ports(loopbe etc.). The attitude towards this rather harmless request is disappointing. We should be encouraging more VST developers to consider Renoise during development.

i also see no harm in the way he communicates his new plugin and the possibility to betatest is on this board. it would be a totally different thing if he would try to sell it and open up “marketing-ish” topic for it.

He asks politely, so just simply make a choice and elaborate differently.

exactly V