Io - Collision Course (remix), My Newest Song

download link: io - collision course (remix)
it’s pretty fast drum&bass with gated synths and some harmonic pads

this is one of my newest tracks, completed in october with fruity loops. it is a remix of an old song my friend Lugnut did in impulse tracker back in around 98 but never finished. i had been wanting to redo it for a long time.

i know it’s not made with renoise but i have abandoned fruity and all my future projects will be renoise, so any feedback would be appreciated on what i could do differently in the future. i have seen lots of posts on here about mastering and volume levels and stuff… stuff i always knew was important but never really knew how to fine tune. so any comments will be listened to and i will take them into consideration for future application.

& thanks for listening



Hm, the intro, I think the synth would benefit from some sort of high pass filter in the start, not introducing it as a bass element until the beat kicks in, would also add to the variation of the song…

Enjoyed the calm part before 3:00, nice pads!

Oh, and the ending, I don’t think it should end there, I’d rather move the ending synths to an earlier stage of the track, as it complemented the bass-driven lead synth melody, which I again think should be more highpassed as to not blend too much with the bassline. Also, for the variation.

But, as you wrote, this is FL-stuff, and you do renoise now. So never mind this track, and if they make sense, keep the words in mind for some future production that’s bound to be similar (as wel all repeat ourselves until we’re satisfied… :rolleyes: )

cool, thanks a bunch for the feedback. you’re probably right about highpassing the synth so it doesn’t blend with the bassline… the reason that line has so much bass is because the melody it plays is actually the original bassline from the original track and i wanted to preserve that, but the reason i added the deeper bassline is because i wanted the song to have more oomph

i can put the original up for download tonight. can’t right now since i’m at work. i’ll put it up for contrast purposes :)

also sagosen, i just clicked on your songs download link and saw that you are the one who wrote “and the winner is…” just so you know, i’ve been jamming out to that track for the past two days :D

That’s only half right, it was a co-op you know!! :D

But thanx, I dig it when others like my music!!

Will be interesting to hear the original piece, glad you found my feedback useful, man! Any time. ;)

here’s the original from circa 1998

Lugnut - collision course in original IT format

Hm, the synth-line is not in sync, there is always a timing gap you can hear when the drumloop starts. Maybe you should not overlay two different drumloops how it is done at every end of the pattern, this generates heavy volume probs. Furthermore I can not figure out a song structure, however, the synths are quite suitable.