iOS TweakyBeat- can this be made in Renoise?

It’s essentially a monophonic drum-synth, except it has multiple ‘voices’. Each voice cuts off the next in the sequence.

I downloaded this old app (still works) on my iPhone, and it’s addictive. I’m imagining that one instrument would contain X amount of drum synths (the kind we could build internally in Renoise), and the instrument itself would have to be ‘mono’.

Is this possible? Some form of drum synthesis and each instrument assigned to a note?

Would be a fun way to get a different sound.

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I think it will be cool if you resampled it as a Renoise drumset)) Those faders can be simulated using Macros as well :slight_smile:

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That would be the easy way- I could just do that, it you know me, always trying to get Renoise to do the fun stuff!


Maybe @slujr knows?

you could definitely make a little drum synth in renoise and have multiple instances of it to sequence. I could imagine a tool that would take over the step sequencer part of this, and perhaps such a tool exists already… pretty sure some folks have made step sequencers with lua. I’ll work up a drum synth instrument at some point this week and play around with the concept

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TWEAKY DRUM v1.xrni (16.0 KB)

OK, so this instrument loosely emulates the tweakybeat drum synth, with the added feature of being able to change the noise pitch, which can generate some nice metallic timbres.
So, you could load up multiple instances of this instrument and use a step sequencer tool to get pretty close to the tweaky beat sound natively within renoise
granted, this instrument is about 15 minutes of work on my end, so it could certainly be more refined, but should do the trick for this lo-fi drum synth kind of sound

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I’ll be trying this out over the weekend when I get back home! Is it monophonic- one drum sound cuts off the next?

it’s just one drum sound stretched across the keyboard. If we had more macros available than just 8, say 64, then you could expand the concept to include multiple drum sounds within one instrument. as it is, you would need to use multiple instruments. Each instrument is monophonic. you might have to be diligent with note off placement if you’re using multiple instances to make a sequence.
look at this instrument as a tweakybeat sound emulator/generator. You would need multiple instances of this instrument to make a sequence with multiple sounds

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Neat! It’s good to know these things- that’s why I pester ‘ya about this, your knowledge of how it works is massive :slightly_smiling_face:. Thanks!

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sure thing. it’s fun to meet a challenge :upside_down_face:

I think it sounds pretty decent, and definitely good for generating unique drum timbres quickly. I’ll probably using it myself, but likely mostly as a tone generator for resampling. Could also be fun to tweak the macros live in a sequence/pattern

I’m wondering if this is possible- make multiple instances of the drum synth (maybe filter-based), and place them in separate effects lanes in a single instrument. Assign each to its own key on the piano-roll. Probably not possible. I’m not in front of the computer, so I can’t ‘see’ it. Or, could a series of separate drum synth instruments be set to cut each other off? Probably not. It’s been eating at my brain all vacation long :rofl:

The way this instrument is set up, if you sequence multiple instances of it in the same track lane they will operate monophonically together, if that makes sense. They will cut each other off, as far as I’ve tested.

So yeah, if you make 8 copies of this instrument and sequence them all on the same track lane, it should behave monophonically like tweaky beat

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Yeah!!! Sweet :slightly_smiling_face:

yeah, pretty fun. I’ve got a pattern of three instances of it (3 different sounds) sequenced on the same track, moving macros live… and it’s…pretty fun! Feels like an old school drum synth

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That’s what I was hoping for - Renoise can take this methodology and also apply true pattern length/time signature! TweakyBeat is fun to play with and unique in its sound generation which Renoise can also do. I’m looking into making a theme for it as well, all when I get back. Wheeeee!

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