ipad remote/sketchpad

hey guys,

this is a work-in-progress ios app that controls renoise over wifi.

some backstory: i’ve been working on this for the last few months, i really love working in renoise but found that i was always wanting an “overview” arrangement-style editor so that i can see the song at a glance. in the past i would export into logic and do my arrangements and overdubs there, but i’m finding this to be a useful alternative that keeps my songs in renoise longer. i know there are other solutions like touchosc but i never found anything that felt comfortable in my work flow. wanted to share what i have so far:

i plan to eventually release this (or whatever this project evolves into) - i would love to hear any feedback or suggestions if there is any interest in this type of thing!


Great, please keep us informed.

I am not entirely sure what I am seeing in the video. Would you mind to elaborate a bit more on the project?

haha - i realized that i never actually state what this is. essentially an ios "remote’ app (i.e. sending osc over wifi), similar (but much more basic) to something like touchAble for live.


It looks like a horizontal clip arranger.

yeah that’s whats happening in the video - each block is a patterntrack, and it plays the song left to right. transport controls are on the bottom and position scrubber on the top… mute and solo for each track along the left edge there, i.e. a typical but useful (to me) layout.