Iped - Ipad Rip-Off

Seems to Chinese have already ripped off the iPad and it is available at a vastly reduced price. Suspicions are it even comes from he same factory as it is coming from the same town as the plant that manufactures Apple’s products.

the chinese are pretty clever. it looks much better than the one I had considered purchasing on ebay, although white plastic electronics always look more spaceage.

I don’t trust android for anything, something like this might already have something in it off the shelf, but it is really tempting. Thanks for sharing.

Don’t trust Android for anything? I would choose an Android phone over MacOS and most probably over WinMobile too. It’s only a variant of Linux after all.

Android’s market is a big gaping hole, kaz. Don’t trust it.



ipad itself already is a ripoff :rolleyes:

sub$200 multi-touch screen osc controller > lemur.
looks like hexler is porting touchOSC to android as well as ipad.