Iphone And Ipod Touch Music Apps

So, I recently splurged and purchased an 8gb iPod Touch, mainly for its wifi capabilities. Much to my pleasure, I’ve noticed a few free midi controller apps in the app store that turn this outstanding device into an even more outstanding piece of studio gear. There are also the occasional music “toy”, some of which might actually be somewhat useful in a compact live setup.

So I thought, lets start a list of iPhone/Touch apps for reference. Pleas indicate whether the app is free, paid, or needs a jailbroken pod… and if so, where to find it.

Midi & OSC controllers

  • iTM MidiLab
  • iXY
  • MIDI Motion Machine

OSC controllers

  • pOSCa
  • *TouchOSC

Instruments + Sequencers

  • DigiMicro (truly nice drumpad… get it while it’s free!)
  • IndustrialLite (Industrial ‘drum’ pad)
  • 400 Sounds 2 (Sound effects)
  • Beatsequencer boombap lite (Drum sequencer)
  • Cowbell Fever (Needs more cowbell)
  • MiniPiano
  • = paid

akaRemote isn’t even here? Shit, my jailbroken iPhone is still 1st generation :frowning:
Still’ it’s pretty awesome to have an extra controller that you can just hand to somebody :yeah: