Iphone Apps..

anyone here makes them ? (or know someone?)


I’m trying to learn it’s programming to make an app to submit. I know Michael P. Welch from Blitwise Productions made an Iphone or Ipod touch game Pocket Tanks. See him:


a workmate of mine has made a guitar chord/scale database application, a notepad, a paint-like application and a couple of videogames.

I don’t know what you want to know exactly, since your question is very generic.

Yes my old gamedeveloper colleagues make iphone games.

Also one of my workmates has fiddeled some with an iphone app.

I designed an iOS application and want to upload on the app store but I don’t know why the app store’s people told me that this app does not match with their terms and conditions. They also told me that “contact the apple application support team for the further queries and information”. Does anyone know why they are doing every-time? I gave my important time to build this app and they reject it.