IpHone users!!!!

HeyaZ that niNja here again! Been a while but I don’t stray far from my most loved program… Yup even back on the old IRC,!which, yeah i never leave for long. typing from my iOS impatienttoy for you colabers/hackers that have iOS (maybe others too?) about a program that can potentially be QUITE valuable…

It’s called ‘projectdiary’ (all one word) and although cool in itself is all the more AWESOME Kus its free too!!! This baby is intended to make possible text, voice and pic notes and relating files to each added project part with a map system for clear communications of ideas or suggestions!!! Passing back and forth! Isn’t this AWESOME?! you can export to email attaching a code so one is limited on access ;)

Useful to you?.. I hope so =) found it while looking up field recorders (particularly FiRe2 which is the tits!!!) buy it too!! Even has a sister program released by the same company called audiofile engineering for Listning to DDP’s and serves an added directory of listed studios around your gps area. Why stop there? Top ios field recorder now the one app useful to us all, for calculating anything audio, the iOS portable audio calculator! What?! Lol!! Killer! we 'll probably see more cool shit from audiofile engineering =)


wow. I have almost no idea whut yuz just said, yo. WHUT? LOL :blink:

What ddnt you get? Was I talking Arab? Lol. Projectdiary man, it’s a iOS app for the purpose of colabertion. (lol auto correct moment, cola station) allows you to add audio files/audio notes/ pictures/text with the ability to map attatched files. You can auto export to email with a code too. Throwing it out there. Could be used to help out audio projects? Coding LUA?

FiRe2 is just listed S an honorable mention. Field recording app with all the bells and whistles… Best IMHO for iOS.

Top was a rant. I was in school… Bored and wanted to add a little love note to all you guys… LOL. Shit I dunno. That help or were you just trolling me?

I post stuffs about iOS relating to music prod. To spark notice to anyone who may own a iPod/phone/pad… With the OSC capability and more recently btstack making an audio appearance in the audiohack world there will hopefully be a few =)


no I can handle farsi… I guess I need to brush up on my LOLsi?

“projectdiary” somehow sounds interesting, although your description was kinda tough to make out w/ all the LOLs and camelCaSe…
I’ll add it to my never ending list of apps to check out though. thanks for the info.

Ha! Yeah, I guess it’s a bit more than normal. I type in the ancient dialect MIX OF IRC and LOLZR plus I was hearing a fucking boaring lecture talk from my prof while typing… Only this Dood can make something like as interesting as hidden networks, boaring as fuck… Sry if it was annoying at all =) you have an iPhone?

Unfortunately, I think that is his sober state


He was not drunk. Just a bit too much of LSD perhaps.