Ir Remote Control And Midi Learn

Hi there,

first off I would like to say that I’m just trying this out of curiosity.
I recently bought Renoise and thought this might be interesting.

So for a while I’ve been trying to get my infrared remote control interacting with Renoise.
This is the remote I got with my sound card. The built-in MIDI learn does not seem to receive any
messages from my remote.

From Google I’ve learned the remote send SysEx messages.

I’m a real newbie in the MIDI/SysEx/Renoise API world, so after some research on the forums,
I found a tool from mxb, SysEx Librarian *.

SysEx Librarian does receive messages from the remote, which I managed to save to a file.
Would it be possible (for me) to create a tool that interprets the messages sent from my remote?

and no answer from any mod! seems they like to make holidays with ur money instead!

No response from any of the 7000+ other members of this forum, either. It’s unfortunate, but true: threads simply go unanswered sometimes, especially when they are quite technical and can’t be answered with a quick yes/no response, or by pointing someone towards a tutorial or manual page that answers their question.

Somebody needs a hug! Come here, you. :wub:
Welcome to the community! :)

The mods are probably doing something better with their time.

SysEx is a bit beyond renoise at the moment.
If I had this device i’d create a patch in pure data or Max/MSP that outputs MIDI CC so renoise can understand it.