Irc Inspired Boredom

This is what happens when I get bored:

This was preceeded by a conversation in #renoise about how pretentious a certain artist is… and how much said artist sucks. Feel free to join #renoise to join in on such lame conversations :D

wow, i didn’t even catch the rdjames and []pusher until the 2nd time i read it.

personally i actually like some of BT’s stuff :)

yeh i agree bt is alright. i mean how could you go wrong with making a program that the completely helpless masses can use to pirate stuff!?!

From that pic alone, not to mention how Tom Jenkinson and Richard D. James have appeared in interviews, I’d say BT comes off as much less pretentious. I prefer their music to his, but that doesn’t really matter. They’re no better. Not as people anyway.

lots of people say I’m pretentious, but finally I’ve found a musician who is more pretentious than me (and probably even more than Ingwie Malmsteen).

never heard of him, though. The picture on Wikipedia, which Byte-smasher has edited, is as photoshopped as Briana Banks ones…

by the way, Byte-smasher: damn! I always dreamt a t-shirt like that one! I asked to a friend of mine to make one, but she never did. (and yes, I’m too lazy to make one myself)

all i can say is, im glad i stopped raving before ppl like these took over.

Never heard of the guy… but according to that wikipedia article he’s a freakin genious. Far be it from me to say that he wrote it himself though it certainly seems that way. could also be a crazy fan I guess…

He might not be top notch of the world but if you have objections against certain articles describing his work you can submit your point of view upon it…

Changing wiki articles is very easy… .

btw wtf is he talking about here:

Is this just timestretching, gating or beatsync? or what?

I once read an interview with BT where he was bragging about using 10 computers at the same time and having soooo much gear and vst’s.

I quote (as good as I remember): “I have all the vst’s you have, all the vst’s your friend has and a bunch you’ve never even heard of!”

I that doesn’t make you gag…

You couldn’t handle that? Are you super touchy on everything, or just BT?
I don’t know… Maybe some of you guys are just dying to take everything literally, even though it’s said in obvious jest and really doesn’t even matter if it were said in all seriousness. Why, your head just turned green.

I’ve really enjoyed a lot of ESCM & Movement In Still Life, and thought that Pop was the only great thing that came out of most any boyband out there. But the pic made me laugh, and the wiki is way too biased, hardly ANY citations to the high claims about his genious and inventiveness, jeez… Wasn’t impressed by his latest album at all, but that’s a matter of taste I guess. :)

Let the man be what he is; A good composer and producer that makes a lot of people happy with his music. Although I wasn’t impressed by his myspace either, hehe… “Single white heterosexual male with big-breasted blonde myspace-friends on top”, wahey!


I love it!!!

Here’s an interesting (read: hilarious) interview with the great BT:

The interesting part:


Sounds all too noisy for me.

Want some truly mind blowing innovative stuff (far beyond stutters), try this:

Fovea Hex

And that’s just one off the top of my head. Trance is too 1994.

Oooo. This is interesting!

dBlue: care to share that email or offer some tasty details?

heh this guy should be called BH for Big Head.

i had thought i heard something goofy about stutters, an this would be it!