IRC party

We’ll be having one on IRC #renoise (IRCNET) on Sunday, 22th Dec 2002.

we just wanna have some IRC party before x-mass and to see many Renoise trackers at once on IRC. so be sure to come! :)

start time: 23:00 (GMT +1) -> that is 23:00 in most European countries and 22:00 in England.

end time? until we drop on keys B)

2 more days left ;)
don’t miss it! :)

it is sunday ;)
btw, 23:00 is kinda early for us :stuck_out_tongue:

your sunday 23:00 is monday 03:00 to me :)

I can’t believe I totally missed it. hits self on head with blunt, heavy object

How was the turnout?

well it was fun… for those that showed up B)