Iron Chef Of Music

A single secret audio source sample is dropped in both mp3 and wav formats at a specific time. No other external sounds or forms of synthesis may be used!

Every participant gets exactly two hours from the time of the drop to extrude sounds from the source sample and compose a new piece of sound or music.

When complete, each participant uploads an mp3 of their track, and we have an exhibition of each submission. Participants are also encouraged to examine and pose questions about each track so we may learn from eachothers’ methods.

Sample drops Sunday at 5P CST SHARP!

Go to this website for more info and to participate:

Hehe, let’s do it!

This is now every 1st + 3rd sunday; Usually hosted at a home or venue in Chicago along with all the online participants.

first icom of 2k11 is tomorrow 5P CST

Midnight here too, and I have to work tomorrow at 8am makes me wake up at 5:30am but hey, that’s part of the fun. :)

I can probably internet and find out :) , but what does 5P CST mean for folks living in Holland/Europe?

It seems to be midnight GMT Paris

The linked facebook calendar says
Sonntag, 2. Januar · 16:00 - 21:00
(4pm - 9pm)

So I am a little bit puzzled.

On the website you can read :
Start: 2011 Jan 2 5:00 pm
Timezone: America/Chicago