Irreverent Cheese Anthem

Achenar - Irreverent Cheese Anthem (Capital G Remix)

Even if you don’t like the original or NIN you should give this a go because it’s very… different. It takes the largely unheard brass backing and playfully sculpts it into new forms. All other samples come from the original, bar an additional bassdrum from Me I’m Not, which is mixed in with the Capital G sample to give more bottom end.

well done!

Back again with v1.3 of the remix. Finally got around to fixing the bits I didn’t feel were quite right: slight enhancements to the start and end, reduced the bass-resonance caused by Slayer 2 FX pedals, more fluid transitions throughout and various other minor tweaks.

Nice one Achenar, I like. Wish the brass was more prominant on the original.