Is Anyone Else Hopelessly Addicted To A Video Game

right now its supersmash brothers

before it was guitar hero 3 :guitar:



well of course you wouldn’t, your to busy with that stick in your ass. :blink:

( lol sorry i didn’t know if you were being a d–k or not)

but i dont want to start anything, so to let you know im just joking with you. :)

I play Renoise, and I’m on the secret level.

I reached the killscreen!


I still suck at it though.

I’m playing “how to commence a BSOD” from time to time… pure fun and addicting with faulty hardware!!!11!one

I can’t get passed the HighPass Boss Level :(

just sold my wii :confused:

consoles = evil


no. I just dont find them that entertaining anymore. I used to play some videogames when i was teenager, and although they where much more primitive than today i was much more “hooked” back then. Nowadays i have tried some games but usually i dont even bother to play them half through , i lose interest quite fast. I do play some sim racing games sometimes (not that often though)

BTW, how old are you?

I am loving Giana Sisters but I usually play Descent 3 and GTA-San Andreas (until my XB360 comes)

I wasted 10 months of my life on a MMORPG so no, not anymore. The only thing I can stand is some FPS once in a while and my NDS when going to bed or having my naturals needs.

What? Renoise isn’t a video game? Shit, my sample inventory was getting so huge… I had perfected my rapidfire drum attack… and I was in the process of setting up a clan with VSTunnel too … looks like it’s back to Diablo 2 for me :(

once addicted to Raiden trad, the music still gives me flashbacks

having a job & working can be a lot of fun, especially if you are good at what you do. cuz then you can do amazingly f*cked up things, and laugh about it with your supervisor. when of course your not busy screwing around getting paid.

My life is a stinkin videogame where all the girls run away from me ( yelling), and friends break up …and don’t find enough goldcoins …

goes to sleep …power …needs…to …be …increased

the best thing about a videogame is the soundtrack anyday anyway

I’m addicted to telling people I’m addicted to games like Tetris and Bejewelled. That way they think I’m smart and sophisticated.

i’m addicted to playing with myself, does that count?