Is Chorus Important To You?

I’m hearing some IDM stuff and I like the granular sound but is there a chorus in there somewhere? or Chorus is overhyped and too pop.

Me? I love’m…

I’m a lazy bum with my music anyway, but I’m SUPER lazy when it comes to panning… so I overuse the chorus I think. But yeah, I love it. I mean, I actually love hearing the effect, so fuck overusing, do what you like. Pop music meaning popular meaning soulful music? FUCK YEAH. I consider myself more pop than hip hop or anything else.

Chorus DSP, my fave internal device. I use it a lot! Sometimes just a tiny taste, sometimes like a big phat layer of everywhereness.

The internal chorus rocks, particularly when using the built in distortion filters

No such thing as a “pop” effect!!

It all depends on how and what you use it on!!

Chorus often used on heavy distortion to smooth it out, warm it up and add color!!

Its probably one the reasons I got into music!!!

l.o.l… What I meant is “choruses” in songs… :yeah:

Since were on topic here I do like the Juno Chorus sound…

I like the dawn chorus


Oh dear…I am assuming english is not your first language and if it is PLEASE forgive me!!

In post title Is Chorus Important To You? there is no A in front of the word Chorus which would have helped distinguish the two!!

I have heard many good things about the Juno Chorus sound…not sure if I have heard examples whilst knowing it was juno chorus!

Now that I understand the question…who knows…depends on the music really, when I am doing instrumental guitar work I include a chorus section, with dance music not really…I do have a main theme that I return to though(which one may call a chorus!).

I like the Classic Chorus, just a little more ‘round’ than the native chorus. Although like others have said if you really want some truly berzerk sounds you can push the native chorus a long way!

There are hundreds of ‘tricks’ with chorus, not just the ‘chorus on the vocal’ pop style. E.g. chuck a savage chorus on a drumloop and make it all wet, no dry. Wobble drums!

Chorus is good


:lol: :lol: :lol:

No, I don’t really do choruses. I have one song with a chorus, and I like that… but I guess it has to come naturally, dunno.

Most electronic music (discounting pop electronic music such as hip hop, rnb, etc) such as techno, dnb, etc. has no chorus and is more focused on flow of the whole piece. In DNB, you may call the chorus the main drop, but there’s no verse/chorus/verse type changes.

I do write the occasional ‘normal’ tune. I started an indie “Interpol-style” tune a while back that had a normal song structure. I also have written DnB tunes with lyrics that follow the pop verse/chorus/verse format. It just depends on my mood, really.

Sometimes, the chorus is also known as the ‘hook’ since it’s the repeating part that people remember most, hooking them into buying (hopefully) the song or at least whistling or singing it in the shower or at work, etc.

Chorus is definitely a more modern invention in music since a lot of classical music doesn’t have a chorus, just a main theme to it over the course of several movements. I am not a music historian by any means (nor am I an expert at anything I’ve said in this post), but I think old Irish folk/drinking songs are pretty early on in having a chorus, if not the first…can someone offer more insight? I’m kind of wondering about it now…

If you look at a standard song as ABABCAB, and not worry about “the chorus”, then those kinds of repetition have been used on and off since the beginning of music. It just all depends on the style of music. Sonata form, for example, is ABCAB. Do the Bs in this instance count as “choruses?” Old folk songs typically are just AAAA… the same musical material being used over and over with different lyrics.

Dance music generally has a predefined structure based on the needs of DJs, and if there’s a chorus it’s because the track is a remix of a song that already had a chorus.

Yes chorus is extremely important to me. When I use Live it’s one of my top 5 used effects.

I prefer the flanger over the chorus, also for panning effects :)

The best use of chorus to me is when you can’t hear it. I use it to add subtle changes and colour to things.

There are people who are?

Never used a chorus plugin, I do that sorta stuff with delays. Now phasers on the other hand… love 'em.

About actual choruses in music, sure. I love singing along great hooklines. Right about now, the funk soul brother, check it out now, the funk soul brother. And such.

A tool is a tool. :rolleyes:

I am very much a pop music person, so choruses in song are almost essential to me.

As for chorus effect, my favourite trick is selecting the band pass filter and just have the effect apply to a small frequency range at the high end of your sound. Great for some pads and stuff like bells etc.