Is Elektron Overbridge working in Renoise yet?

I’m very interested in the Elektron Analog 4, but not so much if it doesn’t work well (or at all) with Renoise…

I did a search and found some short, non-comprehensive threads that mostly seemed to suggest that, as recently as a year ago, Overbridge didn’t really work with Renoise, some major workarounds had to be done due to audio routing issues, and…well, the rest isn’t very clear.

Is anybody here using Elektron products (particularly analog 4) and Overbridge successfully with Renoise?

If so, could you please write about your experience, and any crucial issues of note?



elektron overbridge in renoise working so so =( many glitch and crakles

That’s really unfortunate! The concept of the technology is awesome, I wonder how it’s working in other hosts (I’ll go look into this, there’s a lot of info out there about Overbridge and Ableton). Would be interesting to know if the glitches and crackles you mention are a general issue with Overbridge anywhere, or are specific to connecting it with Renoise.

Studio one and ableton live working good.

Did you try to disable bridging/sandboxing??


I haven’t tested recently, but even on early version was working generally okay - I created a template for people to see how I worked around the audio routing issues

Ill test with my template later tonight once I get home from work. modding for A4 should be very easy.

Edit: BTW: “glitch and crakles”- I haven’t come across these issues since OB beta’s on both OSX and PC. Either in Ableton or Renoise. Depending on specs of your computer you may need to adjust the latency settings. Or ensure your machine is optimized for music production.

Edit2: Looks like my template is broken. Will work on a new one shortly


Because… it already was disabled?

ok i will try, thnx