Is it legal to use the renoise metronome sound in compositions?


Haha. I think you’re pretty safe to do whatever the hell you want with it :)

Nope, it’s illegal and punishable by death.

That’s not a correct interpretation of international law as it applies to cases like this.

However, using that patented sound without prior explicit permission from Renoise Inc. may force them to file a lawsuit against you. I would advice that you’ll take serious precaution and consider twice before using the Renoise Metronome Sound © in any of your compositions, especially if such compositions are used within commercial contexts.

EDIT: No, seriously, I’d listen to what dblue said. There shouldn’t be any problem.

ok thanks dblue & the kids!
It’s just such a dope sound :D maybe I’m partial because I’ve watched such an amount of beatmaking vids where ppl recreate awesomeness in a few minutes, but yeah. Just to be sure ;D

if ever we would create a top ten of the weirdest forum questions, this one will definitely score high :)/>

My thoughts exactly, upon reading this post =)

Not legal if it’s the demo version, no.

I will sue on behalf of. Retirement plan.

uh… both are the exact same file. So how are you gonna prove in court that said metronome click comes from the demo version and not the full version, mr. wise guy?

the name of the author of the song must be in the database of registered Renoise users, otherwise death penalty will apply instantly

Death penalty by lightning strike I assume?

The “Your Honour” System.

They are digitally signed ;)

I want to read that list.