Is it possible (in Renoise) to render external hardware synth to sample instrument in the same way we can with plugins?

Hello all,

My question is pretty much as it says in the title. Renoise has a nice feature for rendering a plugin to a sample instrument, but I can’t find a way to do the same using an external (midi-controlled) audio source.

Am I missing something or is it just not possible? If not, why not? It seems like it would work in exactly the same way, except with slightly different midi and audio routing.


Here’s what I do: Renoise sends MIDI out to one or more synths. The synths audio output is run into my PC’s USB audio thing. I use the Renoise sampler to record this input.

There is always some small amount of latency, so after I’ve captured the audio I trim that off, and all’s good.

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No, unfortunately not.

Definitely one of the most amazing features in Renoise…

I use the line-in plugin on a track and then send a sequence from it back to the renoise sampler like mentioned above. Then you are free to change the loaded instrument from a midi device to the new sampled instrument.

Probably you are looking for a more streamlined workflow then this but this is what I came up with, granted, my renoise-fu is very weak.

If that is not adequate then I suppose you could find a VST of the hardware instrument you want to sequence –
and then you use it as a plug-in, but this way is probably the least of what you wanted to hear.

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Thanks for the replies guys. I guess that which I want is indeed not possible. I’ll have to figure out some other way of doing what I want.

not sure how important that feature is for you and how much you’re willing “to invest”, but an MPC ONE (and Live (II) + X for that matter) can do exactly what you were expecting renoise to do in this thread.


never tried this but what about inserting a plugin that takes an external line in? a DAW than runs as a VST like FLstudio might do it?

shouldn’t it be possible to write a tool that will resample a hardware instrument automatically rendering previously generated pattern data, and then automatically trimming and building a renoise native instrument from the samples?