is it possible that renoise midi mapping works like in ableton live


in ableton live when i assign a vst parameter to a midi cc in my bcr2000 controller, if i move the parameter on the vst gui the knob on the midi controller gets its value updated (the knobs on the bcr are “motorized” like).

can this be done in renoise ?

i know duplex does something similiar, but it doesnt work the same way. duplex doesnt care about my midi mappings and those are the ones i want to get midi feedback from.

besides that i really really really dont like duplex. i dont want to have to learn scripting just to do some midi mappings. i just want to do music.

if i’m missing something, please tell.

thanks for reading.

This tool should be of interest:

It’s a kind of MIDI learn, and should work in 3.1 even if you need to “auto-upgrade”.