is it possible to change or even disable where the audio is sent to wh

is it possible to change, or even disable where the audio is sent to, when selecting an instrument in the instrument window?

I am using an external sequencer to trigger samples in renoise but when i start the sequencer i always need to make sure that in the instrument selection window i have an empty slot selected, otherwise the audio of selected instrument is sent to CH 1/2.

i tried searching the forum but probably not phrasing my search correctly.


(renoise 3.01 + RME multiface)

It sure is.

Have a look at this section of the plugin screen.

5469 plugin routing.png

thx for reply.

i guess i didnt explain myself very well though or i dont understand your answer

i dont actually have a plug in loaded.

i just have a renoise instrument loaded which contains one sample which i trigger with an external sequencer.

if i select an instrument the audio is routed to the channel of the one where my cursor is located in the edit window,

(plus that instrumen seems to recieve soem more midi notes whic i cant explain actually)

not sure if it makes sense, but cant seem to explain it any better . .