Is it possible to change pitch /volume etc whilst beat repeater's

Hola fellow tracker users :)

As the question/topic says: “Is it possible to change pitch /volume etc whilst beat repeater’s running?”

So, if I’ve got the beat repeater repeating a snare at 1/128, is it possible to make it go up/down in pitch or velocity/volume?

Basically, at the moment I like mainly making fast glitchy stuff and 8 Lines/Beat seems to be preferable to me for making this, but there’s the odd occasion where I want something to repeat for more lines/faster (so, 1/16s or 1/32s, rather than 1/8s) and the beat repeater can do this for me BUT I would like the sample repeating to go up/down in pitch/volume/vel sometimes.

Is this possible to do?

Can anyone advise another way to do it?

Should I just use higher lines/beat throughout the whole song?

Is it possible to change the lines/beat for individual bars/sections?

Cheers guys. Hope I’m making sense. :)

edit… that was lines per pattern… sometimes I do not read things properly…

Sounds like you’re talking about the repeater DSP.
I played around with it, and to my knowledge the repeater just “freezes” a chunk of audio when it’s activated and repeats pieces of that chunk.
Seems like it is not possible to change the pitch of the repeated audio while the repeater is running.

You could change the volume by sticking a gainer later in the FX chain, but if you wanted to use velocity-specific keyzones or similar, then you’re out of luck.

If you manually produced the repeater effect with retrigger and sample offset pattern commands, you’d have much more control over speed, pitch, etc. It’s more work, but it is possible.

You can change lines per beat with the ZLxx pattern command.
As of 2.8, you can also control lines per beat with automation - you’ll find it on the master track.

Sometimes I feel bad, when I answer peoples questions, and don’t come up with the correct answer like this… :slight_smile: I guess we are all still learning…

Cheers! This is a good btw, I am sure I will use this in the future

Why not use the Retrigger command? Then you can use your Pitch/Volum slides etc at the same time.

You can also use ‘Render Selection’, render the audio section using the repeater, loop it and then apply pitch shift goodness

But then your beats wouldn’t stay the same distance apart!

A pitch shift plugin after the repeater can take care of that aspect but that’s not a Renoise built-in