Is It Possible To Change Time Signature In The Middle Of A Song?

I want to go from 3/4 time to 4/4 time in the middle of a song… is it possible to change the lines per beat for only one specific section of the song? If so, how?

Use the pattern command F1XX. Where XX is standing for the LPB, in hex that is.

where do I punch in the pattern command?

There’s another thread which explores this issue here: Going From 1/4 To 1/3

I’ve posted a few example songs there to show various different techniques you can use. :)

so just set the LPB at 12… makes a lot of sense :P thanks guruh.

i’ve read that linked topic and wondered, why not change the pattern lenght?
as i understood the lpb-thingy:
if the lpb is set to 4 then a quarter-note is exactly 4 lines / rows long -
so a 3/4-pattern should be 4 * 3 * 4 = 48 lines long.

EDIT: quoted the wrong post … anyway …

You’re quite right. In fact this issue commonly pops up when the subject of time signatures gets discussed.

You tend to find that most people are simply looking for a way to do triplets or dotted notes within a 4/4 style pattern, usually for a breakdown or buildup in their song which changes timing for a moment before reverting back to the main 4/4 stuff (quite common in psy-trance for example). That’s mainly what I was trying to show in my examples in the other thread.

oh - therefore - even though it was already linked in another topic - this little things comes quiet handy:

btw. thx for your answer - i already started to question myself :D

Well, if you just look at the time signature itself… you have 3/4 and 4/4, where the / means PER. Mathematically, per is proportianal. In a proportion, to set them equal to each other you find the simplest common numerator… and the lowest factor of 3 and 4 is 3*4, which as you know is twelve. As dblue explains, to achieve a 4/4 beat in 12/4 time, the beat goes on every 3rd (12/4) line. To achieve a 3/4 beat, the beat is placed every 4th line. I’m really rambling, sorry…

but if your quarter-notes are 4 lines (3/4) and later 3 lines (4/4) long in the
same piece of music you’re not changing time-signature but beats-per-minute,
because when you’re changing the lenght of a quarter-note you’re also changing the
amount of it’s appearance per minute.

when changing a time-signature you’re changing the amount of quarter-notes (or eights or whatever)
in a bar, so therefore your 3/4-bar consists of 12 lines (a beat every 4th line) and your 4/4-bar
of 16 lines (a beat every 4th line) …

’ hope i didn’t misread your comment - if so, sry and nevermind …