Is it possible to enter or play notes lower than c0?

Hey all,

Is there a way to enter or play notes in Renoise lower than c0? I can’t see anything in the UI or options menu, but maybe there’s a way to change this elsewhere (scripting, config files, magic?), or some technique I’m missing.

The reason is that I also use Drumcomputer by Sugarbytes, and the notes to trigger a pattern start from c-2 (c minus two, not c2), and I can’t see a way to change this in Drumcomputer, although I will ask over there as well.

I can still trigger individual hits from Renoise (as they start from c0 in Drumcomputer), and I can understand that going below c0 doesn’t make a lot of sense for a tracker, but it would be nice if it’s possible, just for some extra sequencing options.


just render the sample being played at c0 and then you can work with it as a new sample, starting at c4

i think your solution is to modify this:

so go to the Plugin and change the transpose. this should mean that your C0 note becomes C-2 for the plugin. i hope that helps! (i don’t have the plugin so can’t check)

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Hey wow, esaruoho! Thanks so much, that worked! That’s exactly what I was trying to do. I’d just overlooked that setting.

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glad it worked!

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