Is it possible to import a single track from one song into another?

First of all sorry about all the “Is it possible…” questions, but I tend to assume_everything_ is possible in Renoise ;)…

My workflow lately consists in creating short phrases which I then bounce to audio so I can later pick’n’choose into a new song.

I was wondering if it’s possible, however, to import a renoise track (instrument, notes and possibly FX and automation) from one song into another.

This would be extremely useful as I sometimes use the same FX settings, etc… but just need to tweak the notes slightly.


I guess I’m going with the instrument + phrases option. Didn’t even realise this was now possible!

I’ve always thought it would be really nice to be able to do that. You can do it in Ableton… drag tracks or an entire song from one and include it in another. It’s a great way to build new ideas quickly - get the drum track from one song, bass from another, atmosphere from another…

I’d love it if renoise could do this. I saw some tool recently that is supposed to let you do at least a part of it, but I haven’t checked it out.

I do what you do and just spend some time making instruments w/ phrases which I then load into my projects.

I tend to assume_everything_ is possible in Renoise

That assumption will lead to a lot of frustration :slight_smile: