Is it possible to make 90's style Happy Hardcore on Renoise?

not downloaded the latest version yet (which I see has now moved onto 64bit)
but I assume you can still make this specific genre on renoise? I know a lot of people make drum’n’bass, dubstep and trap on it but what about happy hardcore? and breakbeat hardcore?


That’s not a genre I’m familiar with but if it was possible in the 90’s, with 90’s era equipment, then I’m sure you could produce it now with Renoise.


you can paint whatever you want on a blank canvas

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this dude is working in renoise:


Of course you can produce EVERYTHING with Renoise, especially electronic music!
I don’t get the question… :thinking:

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If I’m not mistaken on what you call Breakbeat Hardcore, @bizzyb made a lot of tracks, and even YouTube tutorials on how to use Renoise to make this kind of music style. For the Happy Hardcore style, of course Renoise can do it too, perhaps with the help of cool free VST like Rave Generator 2 which thumbnail gives the evidence it is the VST for that (Thunderdome CDs font spotted, lol):



Ah… those rave sounds and movie vocal samples in the old thunderdome days. Good times.

Many of those classic Juno 2 style sounds can also be recreated in Renoise’s sampler using detuned saws and appropriate filtering. But some require PWM to sound right.
You might take a look at some Juno and alike emulations/plugins out there.
JunoX was quite interesting but is no longer available.