Is it possible to make the sampler playline fadeout?

By chance would anuyone have an idea on veiwing the exact points in the sampler, with a note at the beginning of the pattern till the end, and have a clear view of the entire sample being played and only that part, so i can zoom in and get a loops exact bpm quickly, and be able to cut it right on those points?

I am thinking it would be preferable to see the play-line in the sampler kind of fade out, like a tracer or a trailing color to indicate the points for note on(sample start) and note off(sample end)
that and I think it could be aesthetically pleasing.

Don’t understand your question I think, but on:

You know you can manually cut a sample so it loops correctly and sync it to any set bpm using the beatsync option to the left of the sample editor?

If you have enabled the beatsync toggle and set the correct amount of lines for the loop, you can hit the T button to see how the transpose & finetune translate to the bpm. Maybe not the quickest way, but if you adjust the bpm and keep hitting the T button you can kinda guess, come to the original bpm when transpose & finetune settings arrive at 0.