Is It Possible To Multiply Patternlengths...

So I have this track I’m working on, and I cloned 18 patterns… I want to double the pattern length of 64 to 128 of all the cloned patterns (& decrease the speedsetting to 3 so I can place more shit in between samples).
Now I have to manually click each of the patterns seperately to type in 128…maybe this is some n00b shit I’m not knowing yet, but is there a way to speed up the process?

maybe a multplying option in the advance edit screen with patternselection would be great for this?

or some kind of xml program? I’d love to see algorythmic composition applications build to manipulate songs.

a “selected patterns” option in advanced edit has been already suggested by me; that would be handy in such situations

Maybe helpful, try opening the Song.xml with an advanced text editor and do a search and replace for “64” in the XML and change the number to the pattern size you want. Don’t forget to backup.

It’s only half a solution, since you need to expand the note data yourself.

There is always the “Shrink / Expand” option in the advanced edit if you also want to have all your notes being equally devided across the pattern if that’s what you meant, in combination with IT-Aliens answer, this should work out best.
If you just want to add lines below the existing scheme then currently Beatslaughter’s answer is the only option to do it.

am I the only one also seeing creative potential here with more algorhythmic programming options in renoise? (Maybe for a small niche of experimental tracker users, but I’d love to see it in the near future)

I’m also thinking xml manipulation in other programs like max msp, anybody here doing stuff outside renoise with the songfiles?? Where can you best start learning xml schemes etc, is the renoise song schema subject to change soon or can one invest time into this already?

You can already start with the schemes if you desire, each scheme has it’s own version number which Renoise will convert automatically to the new one if there are any specific changes.
So it would be wise to check if you need to update your applications or scripts if Renoise has released another patch.

I want to learn xml! school reccomendations in Holland?

i learned a bit of css and html from there a long time ago

cheers man, site looks good!