Is it possible to read sample commands in Reaktor?

Hi everyone,

I’m aware this may be more of a Reaktor question rather than a Renoise one, but how are sample commands (0A*-0X*) interpreted by Reaktor?

Does Reaktor consume a command like (say) reverse, which I could then from inside Reaktor attribute as an input to something?


Reaktor has no understanding of Renoise’s sample based commands like reverse.
Commands that effect Renoise itself can be used on a Reaktor track, for example using maYbe to set the probabliity of Renoise sending notes to the Reaktor plugin…

To send commands to Reaktor ensembles to interpretate use MIDI Commands to send MIDI CCs to Reaktor.

( I find the “enter = play one line” short cut useful to send CCs one-by one while using Reaktor’s MIDI learn. )