Is it possible to rebind controls on effects and devices? For example, can I make click+middle button up or down control the Q of a point in the EQ?

Sorry for the long title, but I’m interested in having my mouse control the Q of a point in the EQ, where currently if you click a point and scroll up or down on the mouse wheel it locks the point to the horizontal axis. Just like Ableton, if anyone’s use that EQ. I looked through the key bindings in renoise but didn’t see anything, is this possible?


you know that in renoise EQs, Q is bound to right click + drag up and down, though,

(Also, shift + drag locks the frequency, option + drag locks the gain, & command + drag is more precise [MacOS])

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Yes, just wanted to see if I could alter these so that I can better match Ableton, so my muscle memory isn’t readjusting. All good though, thank you :slight_smile:

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