Is it possible to remove "Mst" & "S01" from the Sc

I’ve been using the Scopes section to monitor which tracks are firing samples - and really for only this purpose. Since Renoise’s Mst is placed in the same visual layout of all the individual tracks, I keep confusing the motion of the waveform of the master mix with adjacent tracks in the Scopes.

Also, I’m not using any sends, so the s01 window just lies dormant.

If possible, I would like the “Mst” & “S01” windows to be hidden. Is there a preference feature somewhere that would allow me to do this?

there is no way to hide them per se, but you could however:

  • delete not needed send track(s)

  • color the master track

  • save as template

Ah. Thank you for that clarification.

I had not noticed I could delete the send track. That helps quite a bit!

The template idea is great, though I am confused about your suggestion to color the master track. I can do so in the pattern editor, but this doesn’t seem to effect the Scopes view in any way (?)

it should affect the scope view’s color as soon as you play with the “background blend” slider in the menu of the track color editor.

(i’m talking about the menu that opens when you hit one of colored bars above the track no. in the pattern editor)

It didn’t work at first; following the above instructions only colored the track itself, but not the Scopes. ‘Got it figured tho’: Custom Scopes colors is a feature which is turned off by default. It needs to be activated in Preferences.

Edit > Preferences > GUI > (Scopes box) > Check Box “Show track colors”

That totally makes things easier, thank you!