Is It Possible To Render A Selection To Sample In The Pattern Matrix?

So I wanted to render a pad sequence i had going, but i have to render each segment within each pattern, not allowing a seamless transition between chords/pattern etc…

Is it possible to render selection to sample on the pattern matrix, allowing for longer samples… and allowing more accurate rendering without having to rearrange the tracks etc?

Not straight from the pattern-matrix (yet?), but from the bigger blocks in the sequence editor to the complete left of the screen. Make a selection and be sure you solo’d the correct channel(s), than right click in the sequence editor and choose ‘render selection to wav’.

You can also do it the diskop way and choose song / render / selection in sequence.

yeah, thats a good idea, would be quite a useful addition though it think… has any one done it as an idea? did a quick search and couldn’t find anything…

edit: didn’t fully understnad what you said :wacko:

i do now though… nice one :)

Good info…Something I actually wanted to be able to do but thought was not possible!! :walkman: