Is It Possible To Route Midi Channels To Tracks

My MIDI keyboard can be configured to split the keyboard in half (two MIDI channels), so I can play bass (channel #1) with the upper octave and drums (channel #2) with the lower at the same time.

Ideally bass notes should be recorded in a separate track from the drum tracks, but I haven’t figured out how to do this. Is this possible in Renoise (and if yes how ;) ) ?

yay, i’d definitely be interested in a response to this one. to be able to use another machine running renoise as a multitimbral sampler! that’d be k-k-k-k-k-krazy!

You can merge midi channels with MIDI OXe, perhaps you can as well split one midi device across more midi device channels using the same tool.

There are some interesting stories about using external MIDI tools here:…ng-for-renoise/…

If you can find out a tool that also does splitting channels, we might add it to the document.

Yes, but after reading probably all there is in terms of documentation and trying the program out, I think the answer to “Is It Possible To Route Midi Channels To Tracks ?” is NO and AFAI can deduce from the announcements, it won’t be possible in version 2 either.

maybe one day. i for one welcome the idea of two renoises with one functioning as a very cpu intensive multitimbral synth - which the other renoise processes further + additional samples.

Actually running two renoises at the same time, thats probably possible. ;) But I haven’t tried (wouldn’t fix my problem).