Is it possible to save a sample after beatsyncing?

So i don’t believe it’s possible to beatsync and then slice up the sample, as the slices wont be in the same bpm even after placing the same value in each slice. I was trying to find a workaround and attempting to beatsync the entire sample and then saving as the correct bpm and then slicing it up. Everytime i save sample as a .wav, it just saves as the original sample. This is hard to articulate hopefully this makes sense lool

Indeed, as far as I know, beatsync is evaluated when the sampler renders the track… Have you tried to render a track where the sample plays alone without any effect ? (file / render song to disk)

Yeah, you’re going to have to render the sample after beatsyncing it. Luckily, beatsyncing makes this a “no need to maths (that much)” scenario.

Set your beatsync. Once you have it where you want it, create a Pattern the same length as the sample shows in beats (lower section of the waveform view by default). For example, if the sample is 15 beats, and your project is using 8 LPB, you need a pattern 120 lines in length.

Drop in a C4 note at the beginning of your pattern. If the pattern is otherwise empty, right-click and select “Render Pattern to sample.” If you only want the track that it’s on to render, right-click “Track” → " Render track as sample."

This will spit out a sample with beatsync settings defaulted based on your Project settings.

While this is somewhat roundabout, I found that after several times doing this it just became part of my workflow and barely consumes any time. A side benefit of this technique is that you get a new instrument loaded up with this new sample, leaving everything else as it was. It’s as easy as copying the new sample in the waveform editor, navigating to the original instrument you setup, and pasting the new sample over the old; assuming you no longer need the original in the project. (This copy/paste will include the sample settings, ie beatsync, tuning, etc. of the new sample; so no need to reset any of the values that you had finetuned in the old sample for the render.)

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