Is It Possible To Sync Cubase & Renoise On Two Different Computers

I’m running Renoise on one of my machines and cubase on another. Is there a way of synching it all up so Cubase controlls Renoise via Midi etc. I’ve read that folks have been able to do it if both sequencers are on the same machine but I would be really keen to have two machines (hence double the processing power)

some interesting stuff on this thread over at KVR

i myself tried the ipMIDI demo. works pretty well, uses it’s own midi driver.
there are some free options on there that seem to work over whatever virtual midi driver you have installed.

Thanks for that, looks interesting.

Just to let you all know our spec.

Renoise PC is running via a Fireface 800
Cubase SX3 PC is running via a MOTU Traveller

Is there anyway that it could work via Midi?

It would be great to be able to have the power of two machines and allow the two of us to work in our favourite Native environments. All we really need to do is be able to stop/start from Renoise.

Any assistance with this would be really, really appreciated.


There is an IP solution using MID2NET, everything you always wanted to know about MIDI Yoke, MIDI-OX and Midi over IP:…ng-for-renoise/