Is It Possible To To Insert Vsti Midi Plugins

hi i`m working now since 1 week to get catanya (a midi arpegiator vsti from 7aliens) in to generate some vst-synth but the only solution i found was to get the signal from a track out (per midi yoke) to an external “vst player host” ( ) and from there audio out of my pc, the problem is that i cant open 2x asio so i have to go one with the onboard chip and the other with the asio, is there a way to insert midiplugins directly to renoise - i tried it with the Hydra device but that wasnt possible…

please help me i dont want to rewire it - maybe its also possible to write some tool for that

No. Renoise does not yet support MIDI output from VST.

renoise 2.7 - the midi edition :drummer: :drummer: :drummer:

you’re talking about heaven.

oh yeah it would be great :)