Is it possible to to modulate f.e. 8 different parameters by one devic

Today i tried to create EQ that has its gain and Q linked to hydra, so it is possible to increase level and Q together. So i created hydra for each band (i used eq5) and then i wanted to create device that should be able control that hydra´s input and also frequency of each band. XY pad device can do this so i created very nice eq curve shaper but i could still influence just one band at the same time. It would be great if I could control all 5XY devices or any number of hydras simultaneously.
I have novation nocturn so i wanted to create something like ableton rack, maybe even more flexible (and control it via duplex). I thoght Renoise can do it but now i am not so sure. Do i overlook something or ill have to wait for a new version? ;)/>/>
I am not an expert about meta devices.

Not sure if this would help, but you can have up to 8 effect columns per track. Each can control a separate DSP parameter, or apply an effect like vibrato, etc. Click on the little + sign at the top to add them. Same goes for note columns.

(…well, not exactly add them because they already exist, but make them visible)

Connect one Hydra’s outputs to multiple other Hydras and have one knob controlling as many parameters as you want! Or maybe you need to describe where you feel you are coming up against a limit better. the Hydra on its own will already let you control 9 parameters with one device, which is more than you are asking to do with the title of this thread, yet you clearly know about the Hydra from the contents of your post…

Ok, i´ll try to describe my problem little better. I am not native speaker, so ill do my best… And also paint a picture for you :yeah:

I create EQ 5 - I create 1 hydra for 1 band (every hydra modulates level and resonance of 1 band) - I have 5 hydras for gain control of QE5.

Because i use Novation Nocturn and i can control native renoise FX via DUPLEX tool, it would be great if I can control these 5 hydras and also these 5 frequency bands by one device that i am focusing on. Understand me, this would be just f.e. 9 sliders that would control 9 different parameters. Not all of them by one slider. If hydra had min and max value represented by sliders and not by numerical values it would be possible i suppose.
Imagine instrument rack in ableton, combinator in reason or also these “fast parameters” in alchemy. These are just shortcuts for modulating some parameters…
I imagine a device, where first slider would control 1st band Q and gain, second its frequency, third 2nd band Q and gain etc. etc.

I hope that i am asking for some secret device :lol: or maybe there is a workaround.
This device would very handy because you could store your fx chain, open it and control multiple hydras (f.e) by one device and so by one midi controler ^_^. Other parameters wouldnt “bother” your…

Uploaded with

OK, I think I get what you mean now. You want to control one device (have focus on a single device) and from that be able to control the inputs multiple Hydras (for example.)

This is an idea that has come up various times in various guises, probably most well known on the forum as dBlue’s Doofer Device. As yet no dedicated device exists (the main idea is to be able to consolidate parameters you want into a single device, which can be the only one maximised visible and only one you need to control to access multiple effect.)

BUT I did find a work around for doing this. Although I can’t remember exactly how Duplex works with respect to giving you control of which parameters of the selected device this tip might still give you an idea.

…still not getting it :? :? :?

Delt: Imagine, that you can have X effects but use only one. What you wanna do? Route parameters of these X effects to one effect and control them via it. It is what i am looking for :-). That one effect. Or you can look at Kazakore example…

Kazakore: You are the man! your XRNS is exactly what i am looking for. I dont need anything more than hydra with visible slider of every routed parameter´s max. I cant try duplex right now but in mixer it looks like it can be controlled by it. Or maybe if ï know how you made it i can figuure out something more.
But i hope new renoise will come with even better routing. :yeah:/>/>

Here is another nice oldskool topic about it.

I´ve found also some another topics about similar thing. But usually people want something even more complex (saving multiple fx from multiple channels into one file etc.). So i hoped that my “request” is possible with 2.8 somehow. By metamixer that i´ve never used or some blacklisted device e.g…

I found some another topics about similar thing. But usually people want something even more complex (saving multiple fx from multiple channels into one file etc.). So i hoped that my “request” is possible with 2.8 somehow. By metamixer that i´ve never used or some blacklisted device.

If you are able to code some Lua, you can script your own doofer device if desired.
You do have to program to control all tha hydra’s manually. And your script will be DSP chain specific. So if you write such script, then also better save the chain to disc.

I am going to explore LUA but I doubt that DSP chain specific script will be comfortable enough for these small experiments I wanna do for now ;)

You want a macro device like Ableton racks. This is not available in current version of Renoise, but has been discussed before, and may come in future updates.

I kind of get it although the explanation is complex!! The paint drawing made it about 1.2 times more difficult for me to understand.
I’ve never really used Duplex but I’ve made a custom MIDI controllercode in LUA - it’s called Basement. Code is in github, here. One of the custom views/windows, called ‘Shape’, deals with hydras in the current chain which have names starting with a @. It’s just slightly more annoying to set a lot of these hydras up than it would be to set up a ‘doofer device’ which is like the loch ness of renoise forums atm. Only whisper it’s name and any topic goes to shame. :P/>/>
on line #768 in the code the window is created, it’s demo’d somewhere in the video series I made more than a year back (sorry) for Overtune, link. The DSP Chain gets a little clogged but I’m used to that; screenshot:

Of course in your case with the EQ5 you’d have this;

(and you can hide the input parameters in the mixer view still)

Of course more than 8 of these “@Hydras” are supported, the tool then just picks the 8 nearest to control, so when you exit the window, change selected device, and reopen it you get another subset of handy controls.

Thank you but it is too much complicated for me (as my explanation ;), it´s difficult for me to think in english…) -> Lua is on my waiting list. Maybe somebody will transport it to a tool, but i dont have a problem wait for a new version and see what it comes with as i have vsts for what i need now…