Doofer(Tm) Device Realised

Had an epiphany moment last night! Not seen anybody else suggest this and the idea of grouping controls together has come up many times so find it hard to believe I’m the first.

Download the xrns. In it you will find a track called Control and three tracks with audio.

If you view the Mixer you will see what controls are set up to be controlled (very basic.)

Drag any of the controls visible on the Hydra and the parameter it is connected to will follow its value.

Shame we can’t rename Hydra parameter names ( ;) Request thread coming up.)

Any questions just ask. If this idea has been discussed so far I must of missed it but it seems a good one to me and should make configuring control of many aspects via Duplex for live use at least reasonably easy (dedicated Control track with Hydras ;) )

Sorry if I’m missing the obvious :D , but what is this set-up supposed to do? Isn’t this a logical possibility what the device was created for?

Don’t touch the Input of the Hydra! It is controlled via a LFO which is set that it doesn’t actually cause noticeable change in the value, but the Hydra senses it as changing thus always keeps its outputs active.

Now when you change/automate the OutX Max values for each assigned output this will send that level to the parameter it’s connected to.

So, No I would not say it’s the way it’s been designed to be used. If people have been using it like this regularly why no mention when the Doofer Device and similar ideas have been expressed?

It’s true that people asked to “group tracks”, but nobody showed how to use the hydra device to “group effects”, and control everything important from a unique set of hydra parameters through the mixer.

But I suppose that since you can’t rename for now the “Out X” parameters, it won’t be easy to define exactly which effect you’re triggering from the mixer. :unsure:

However <_< grouping “paramz effects” is still visually interesting, and I can MIDIMAP this doofer™ device with my m-Audio MIDI keyboard set of front sliders :yeah:.

Thanx !

It also means, if you use Duplex on Mixer setting, then you can control effects in many different tracks at the same time by having it set up in a Control track, thus taking away much of the MIDI Mapping side of things. You do obviously still need to set up the Hydras though. Seems like it might still help to make it a little easier mind… Native MIDI Mapping was always possible across effects on multiple tracks. This would allow you to take the Song to different setups and use/try different controllers with it much easier though. And hopefully other advantages that may not be obvious yet.

Nifty. :D

This is not similar to the real doofer device. The main idea with the doofer device is to collapse several dsps to one box, with only a few parameters visible. Having visible meta devices cluttering the interface is exactly one of the things the doofer device tries to rectify ;)

It does give control of multiple devices from one device. You can have only the Hydra showing any faders in the DSP Chain or the Mixer view while the rest of them can remain Minimised, so it does also save space.

hey kazakore, i think this is a great idea. thanks for explaining this, i’ll try it out sometime!