Is it possible to transpose a slice?

at the moment, when im using breaks and want to do a snare roll with descending or ascending pitches, i have to copy the slice into a new instrument so that i can play it across the keyboard. is it possible to pitch a slice up/down without creating a new instrument?

You can use a pitch macro, you can also Uxx/Dxx commands, or even phrases. There’s many workarounds but you can’t afaik directly transpose your slices using note commands (like you would with a one-shot)


@eight_trax if you hit up the Paketti GitHub and use the “Paketti Multiple PitchBend Loader” script within it, you’ll be able to use pitchbend (and automate it too in the automation) to pitchbend the slices. and it’s wild if you have the BeatSyncLines set to = true.

Let me know how you get on!

ah Uxx/Dxx, like an instant slide, makes sense!! and i guess its time for to investigate macros :smiley:

ooh im going to give this a try this afternoon!

You can always destructively render your slices, then rework the key zones for slices that you want to have a larger pitch range on.

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Pitched snare rolls?


Fastest way.

Yeah but then you get the glide. If you want instantaneous pitch transposition you can also use ZK01 to change the tick rate in a second effect column in addition to uxx/dxx, but this might fuck up some other stuff, namely modulation, but it often works fine. I don’t work with breaks a ton, but if I want a pitch range for a snare roll, I usually destructively render


I guess most people who make breakcore in Renoise tend to separate the Snare as a one-shot! I’ve seen a ton of people doing this. I personally don’t enjoy doing this very much, I like the glide :grin:

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To each their own! :grin:

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I honestly don’t hear any noticeable glide when I use those commands to pitch shift slices. If that was the case I probably wouldn’t be using them because I don’t want my slices to glide up or down whenever I pitch shift them.

Example: Pitching slices up and down.

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BPM and LPB will affect how noticeable the glides are. If it works for you and the way you work, cool.

If you want zero glide, uxx/dxx are not the best choice in many situations as the glide is quite noticable

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Yeah, that’s why I said “noticeable”. But I’m presuming what OP wants to achieve and I shouldn’t do that lol, I should’ve clarified the nature of the Uxx/Dxx commands. For 0 glide I think pitch macros the way to go if there’s pitch shifts everywhere. If one is just trying to pitch shift a snare or a kick, etc, then consolidating the slice would probably be the easiest way.

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Yeah I forgot to add in Breakcore it’s usually 16 to 32 LPB, which make the slides a lot more “transparent”.

I’d imagine at 32 lbp you don’t hear much glide at all :slight_smile:
I generally work at 16 LPB and even at higher tempos (180+++) I still hear the glide. Sometimes it’s fine, but sometimes I want that clean attack

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thanks for all the replies! i gave these tips a try and they’re all total mind fucks for me :crazy_face:

the pitch macro showed some potential but i had trouble controlling it the way i wanted. with that being said i’m a renoise beginner and i havent gotten too deep into the other features beyond sampling and sequencing so it’s a bit overwhelming. i think i can see why people just make another instrument.

for reference, the type of roll i’m referring to (timestamped):

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:face_with_monocle: i saw that somehow and appreciated it! :boom: