Is it possible to use the same plugin with different configurations simultaneuosly?

I have a wonderful VST3 plugin, which has many different presets that I would love to use in my compositions.
What I am trying to do: I am loading the same VST plugin in different instrument slots, and trying to choose presets for each of them. But it is not working, and it looks like, that the last version loaded is used for all that were loaded previously. I can’ understand, is it some fundamental flaw of plugin technology, and it is only allowed to use one plugin as one source of sound, or it is plugin issue, or am I doing something wrong?

It seems to be a plugin issue. Of course you can usually use the same plugin over and over again in several instrument slots with different presets, and all settings will be saved. You can even use the same plugin with the same preset in several instrument slots. I don’t know what you’re doing. What happens if you duplicate the plugin to another instrument slot and change its preset?

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Hmm, after you wrote it, I retested everything from the scratch, and this time it is as you said O_O. I even spent some time trying to reproduce the problem and it seems like everything is working fine now. So, I am happy! Thanks for quick response!

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